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BLAIR CASTLE Event 2014 info

Thank you for showing an interest in the images we took at Blair this year.
 To help with any questions here is a little information for you!!

We shot around 40,000 images
The only part of the equine event that was not covered was the Pony Club games on Saturday.
We had a photographer dedicated to every ring and three out on XC.
Both trot ups were covered and all presentations.
 We are loading images as quick as the internet will allow. If the folder is empty, they havent been loaded yet. To expedite the job in the limited time we have, before other work needs to be undertaken, will mean that we will not be answering queries asking when we think the images will be on the website.
As a special deal, for a limited period, we will automatically upgrade all 7"x5" prints ordered to 8"x6" prints, unless you tell us otherwise. These 8"x6" prints will come with a special "Blair" inscribed mount.
When the special mount supply is exhausted, this deal will end.

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