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Festival of Hunting _ Hunt Relay

 To help you find the correct folder with your team images, I have listed below the Hunt Names and relevant Team/Bib number

Underneath these lists, at the bottom of this page,?you will find the folders?named SENIOR?TEAMS?and JUNIOR TEAMS? (in quite small writing). Click on?either of these?to find your team images.


Avon Vale Senior Team 9

Barlow Senior Team 18

Bicester 2 Senior Team 5

Bicester? Senior Team 22

Cambridge Senior Team 23

Cotswold Senior Team 8

Cottesmore Senior Team 1

Essex & Suffolk Senior Team 17

Essex Farmers Senior Team 6

Fitzwilliam 1 Senior Team 25

Fitzwilliam 2 Senior Team 3

Holcombe Senior Team 10

Kent & Surrey Senior Team 4

North Cotswold Senior Team 24

Oakley Senior Team 20

Puckeridge Senior Team 7

Warwickshire Senior Team 2

Wilton Senior Team 21


Brocklesby Hunt Junior Team 10

Brocklesby Hunt PC Junior Team 20

Burton Hunt Junior Team 27

Cambridge University Junior Team 9

Cambridgeshire Hunt Junior Team 3

Cambridgeshire Hunt PC Junior Team 21

Cottesmore Hunt Junior Team 2

Dunston Harriers Junior Team 25

Essex & Suffolk Hunt Junior Team 18

Essex Farmers & Union Junior Team 28

Fitzwilliam Hunt 1 Junior Team 26

Fitzwilliam Hunt 2 Junior Team 7

Holcombe Hunt Junior Team 22

North Cotswold Hunt Junior Team 19

Oakley Hunt Junior Team 6

Puckeridge Hunt Junior Team 12

Waveney Harriers Junior Team 32

Woodland Pytchley Hunt 1 Junior Team 1

Woodland Pytchley Hunt 2 Junior Team 23

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